Research Assistant Applicant Guide

Applicant guide for Undergrad and Master’s students who would like to work with me.

I get many requests from students to work with me, and as much as I would love to mentor students, I unfortunately can’t respond to all requests.

Mentorship with me comes in a few different flavors:

  1. Volunteer research assistant (Undergrad / Grad)
  2. Independent study student (Grad)
  3. Paid research assistant (Undergrad / Grad)

Most students will start at (1) or (2).

Volunteer Research Assistant

Being independent is a foundational aspect of being a researcher. I am happy to work with most students, but I believe developing a sense of independence from the start is critical for determining whether research is right for you. For most volunteer RAs, I can provide you with a list of independent project ideas which should take a month or two to implement. I can usually provide some guidance asynchronously over email or a few meetings. There is no expected time commitment or pace of work for volunteers. As part of being independent, it is up to you how much time you invest in the project and how quickly you complete it. It is also up to you how to balance research versus your coursework.

If this initial project goes successfully and we determine that this direction of research is right for you, we can work together on selecting the next project which is more intellectually challenging and involves closer mentorship.

If this opportunity interests you, please contact me.

Independent Study Student

Independent studies operate similarly to (1) except that:

  1. You will obtain credit for and be graded on your work.
  2. You will be expected to put in effort commensurate with the number of credit hours.

There are two courses you can register for:

  1. ECE-GY 9941 - Advanced Projects III
  2. ECE-GY 9953 - Advanced Project

The main difference is that 9953 is 3 credits whereas 9941 is 1.5 credits and can only be taken after your first semester. Your effort is expected to be 3-4x the number of credit hours, so 4.5-6 hours of work per week for 9941 and 9-12 hours per week for 9953. We will meet roughly every 1-2 weeks while classes are in session to keep track of progress and guide the project direction. A short final report is expected at the end of the term.

You must email me a request to register before signing up for a course. I generally do not take first-semester students unless they have demonstrated significant experience in undergrad in the area of interest. I also have limited slots for students - some semesters I may not be looking to mentor any students. If this opportunity interests you, please contact me.

Paid Research Assistant

I sometimes have additional funding to pay students as research assistants. I usually look to recruit paid research assistants from (1) or (2) who have demonstrated successful research. Paid research positions are contingent on whether I currently have a funded project which requires additional student help.

Contact Me

To make a request, you should send me an email with:

  1. What type of position you are applying for
  2. A copy of your CV
  3. Your undergraduate transcript
  4. Your graduate transcript (if a graduate student)
  5. Field(s) of study you are interested in for the project (computer architecture, EDA, VLSI) and why
  6. Your future goals (Master’s/PhD program, industry job, try out research, etc.)

If you have ideas for a potential project that you think I would be a good mentor for, please feel free to pitch them!

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