The Old Site is Dead

Long live the site!

As I stand on the precipice of graduation, I have been reminded that I need to keep my information up to date (and easy to find). Google has decided that my old website remains more relevant than my new website, so my hand has been forced.

A New Look

Time for a website update! Content will be gradually ported over.

For anyone who has visited recently, you can tell the site got a clean new look. The old site was a bit stale with its 2017 copyright and eternal “Under Construction” message. I felt the time was right to put in the effort to finally update the site. Content will be gradually ported over from the old site.

Accepted for ASPLOS Shadow PC

I will be participating in the ASPLOS 2018 Shadow Program Committee.

I am excited to be participating in the ASPLOS 2018 Shadow Program Committee (PC). The Shadow PC serves as an experience for aspiring academics to review and debate submitted ASPLOS papers, much like the real Program Committee.

Taking ISCA by Storm

The Cadre Group will be repping U-M at ISCA!

Thanks to the fabulous support of our advisor Prof. Ron Dreslinski, a majority of our research group will be headed to ISCA in Toronto!

Michigan Grad School

I have elected to stay at Michigan for my PhD.

What a whirlwind of a week it has been. The semester is winding down, which means projects are due, papers are due, … and grad school decision day.

IEEE Micro Top Picks

Sirius has been selected for MICRO Top Picks 2016!

Our 2015 ASPLOS paper entitled, Sirius: An Open End-to-End Voice and Vision Personal Assistant and Its Implications for Future Warehouse Scale Computers, was accepted to the IEEE Micro: Top Picks issue for 2016.


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